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Ready Player One character posters decoded

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If you haven’t read Ernest Cline’s pop culture masterpiece Ready Player One, the book that served as inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s next movie, you might be a little bit bemused by the character posters that went up today – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide to what’s going on in each one.

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Parzival / Wade Watts

Wade Watts (Tyler Sheridan) is our lead character, Parzival is his VR avatar – basically a cooler version of a character who (in the book, anyway) struggles to fit in. Parzival is what Wade uses to explore the Oasis, the virtual reality world at the heart of the story.

Aech / Helen Harris

Parzival’s best friend (even though Wade’s never met Aech in real life), played by Lena Waithe.

Art3mis / Samantha Evelyn Cook

Samantha Evelyn Cook (Olivia Cooke)’s avatar is named Art3mis (we guess Artemis was already taken) and she’s probably the coolest character in the game.

Daito / Toshiro Yoshiaki

Slightly gruff, infinitely cool – we won’t say too much about Yoshiaki and his avatar Daito for fear of spoilers. Pop star Win Morisaki will take on this role.

Shoto / Akihide Karatsu

Shoto, played by newcomer Philip Zhao, plays a key role in the game.

Anorak / James Donovan Halliday

Arguably the most significant player in Ready Player One, mainly because he invented the Oasis world in which the game takes place – as well as the easter egg hunt that drives the narrative. Played by Mark Rylance, not that you’d realise it from this image.


Sorrento doesn’t have a specific online Avatar, he works for the IOI (Innovative Online Industries), a corporation who wants to monetise the game. He’s the film’s primary antagonist.

Ready Player One poster

Ready Player One is released on 30 March in the UK.


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