Amy Dowden says Princess Catherine's diagnosis 'hit me hard'

Amy Dowden says Princess Catherine's diagnosis 'hit me hard' credit:Bang Showbiz
Amy Dowden says Princess Catherine's diagnosis 'hit me hard' credit:Bang Showbiz

Amy Dowden says Catherine, Princess of Wales' cancer diagnosis has "hit me hard".

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' professional, who underwent treatment for breast cancer last year, revealed that Duchess Catherine's video address on Friday (22.03.24), where she revealed she is being treated for cancer has deeply affected her.

She wrote on Instagram: "The news has personally hit me hard, thinking so much about our Princess! Cancer doesn’t discriminate. There’s no textbook, right or wrong way to deal with a diagnosis and treatment. It’s personal and I really hope all can #bekind and support our Princess. I was lucky enough to meet The Princess of Wales during my treatment who was so kind, supportive and generous of time. Sending all my well wishes with treatment ahead and as always to all those affected by cancer."

Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer in May last year, and underwent a mastectomy in July.

And, earlier this month she took to the dance floor backstage at the West End's 'Mamma Mia' show after she was given the all-clear in February.

Appearing on 'Lorraine', she said: "I am just itching to get on that stage and do some dance moves."

A TV insider also emphasised Amy "never lost any of her sparkle" after battling stage three breast cancer.

They told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It was quite the moment when Amy got up to dance … and she obviously blew everyone away with just how good she is. It’s been such a long journey for her but she has never lost any of her sparkle."

After being told she was cancer-free, Amy took to Instagram to share the news and thank her husband Benjamin Jones for his "unconditional" support.

She penned: “NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! Words I dreamed of! My biggest accomplishment yet!

"I won’t be getting the all clear for 5 years especially with a hormone fed cancer. But it was all worth it. Words I never thought I’d hear at one point.

"So grateful for all the care I received and continue to have. To my husband, family and friends who supported me unconditionally and to you guys! Thank you!"

The TV star also emphasised she was determined to return to 'Strictly Come Dancing' after being forced to drop out of the show once she began chemotherapy.