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An English influencer details the time she accidentally dropped her phone in a ‘belly bin’: ‘Belly bin went gulp gulp’

The unthinkable happened to one TikTok influencer: She accidentally threw her phone away.

England-based Bea Heaton (@beaheaton) recently posted a video reacting to how her phone fell into a “belly bin” by mistake. A “belly bin” is slang for a Bigbelly bin — a sturdy and compacting trash can manufactured by the U.S.-based company Bigbelly Solar Inc.

“So, yesterday, I dropped my phone in this,” she says, pointing to a photo of the bin. “And as soon as your rubbish goes in here, aka my phone, there’s no way you’re getting it back out again.”

“So I called my mom, and I was like, ‘Mom, what do I do? What do I do?'”

Bea asks a man who witnessed the drop if she can borrow his phone.

“So I call my mom, and I was like, ‘Mom, what do I do? What do I do?’ I wasn’t crying at this stage. I was just panicking. My phone’s been stolen before, and at this point, I was going through the whole stage of PTSD,” she explains. “Because I’m not going to lie: When my phone was stolen, I actually went through a whole week of grieving.”

After chatting with her mom, Bea sees two men who work for the London Underground. She approaches them for help, but they direct her to the police station. At the station, she is put in touch with someone at the Council, the local authority in London.

“They answered, and they said, ‘OK, we might be there today. We might be there tomorrow. We don’t know, but you’re just gonna have to wait by the bin.’ I don’t live here! I can’t get home!” she tells the camera.

After 20 minutes of standing by the bin, Bea receives a message from her friend via Apple Watch. Her friend meets up with Bea. After trying to pull open the bin with “brute force,” they realize it isn’t going to work.

“And here is where we’re nifty, and you can say that Gen Z have life skills,” she explains. “We grabbed a Coke can. We grab the thing off the lid, and then we used it as a key, twisted it open, opened the bin.”

“My phone was covered in chewing gum,” Bea says. “But I had it, and I was so happy.”

“You remembered her number by heart?”

TikTok users who’ve seen the video, which has more than 5 million views and nearly 1 million likes, have questions.

“Imagine telling someone ‘eh, maybe you’ll see me today, maybe tomorrow,” said @onlyanowl. “go stand and wait outside.”

“Yeah sure I can sleep outside the bin all night,” joked @jo.edlund.

“Belly bin went gulp gulp,” said @snek.i.o.

“You remembered her number by heart?” asked @nadiaandlatifa of Bea calling her mom from a stranger’s phone.

Bea’s phone-retrieval saga sounds anything but enticing. Thankfully, as Bea points out, Gen Zers like her and her friend seem to be impressively resourceful. Kudos to the Coke can!

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