Andre 3000 spotted as Jimi Hendrix for first time

Somebody get this man a comb

Andre 3000 has stepped out for the first time as Jimi Hendrix as he begins filming a new biopic about the legendary guitarist.

The Outkast star was photographed as he made his way onto the Dublin set of the film, ‘All Is By My Side’.

(Credit: WENN / PA)

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Bizarrely, the film won’t use any of Hendrix’s music after a spokesperson for his estate told Deadline earlier this month: “To the best of our knowledge, this production never approached Experience Hendrix about licensing the music.”

However, as the film is based on the musician’s early career before his talents propelled him to world fame, it does not necessarily need to use his music.

Directed by John Ridley, ‘All Is By My Side’ also stars Imogen Poots and ‘Captain America’s Hayley Atwell.