Andrea Riseborough's Irish exchange

Press Association

Andrea Riseborough has revealed how she made pilgrimages to Belfast for her new film Shadow Dancer.

The W.E. star plays an IRA informant in the new thriller, co-starring Clive Owen as an MI5 spy, adapted from the novel of the same name by journalist Tom Bradby. The film is set in Belfast but filmed in Dublin, as production designer Jon Henson wanted to avoid the "overused" classic red brick estates associated with the city and the Falls Road.

Andrea said: "It was wonderful being in Dublin but I was trying to imagine I was in Belfast. Every moment I could, I would go there on the train.

"On a train ride you see all sorts of different things. You literally see a world changing and then changing back. For me, that journey was as useful as being in Belfast was."

The film is directed by Man On Wire's James Marsh.

Clive credited his background in documentary-making for bringing integrity to the project.

The Closer star said: "Documentary makers are not interested in anything fake or phoney.

"They have spent their lives trying to capture the essence of something real, their sensibilities are very grounded and that's always exciting."

:: Shadow Dancer is released in cinemas on Friday, August 24.