Andy Cohen Shares Sweet 'Family Vacation' Photo Hugging His Kids Ben and Lucy: 'It Was Great!'

Cohen also documented their drive home from Amagansett in Long Island, New York

<p>Andy Cohen/Instagram</p> Andy Cohen with his children, Ben and Lucy Cohen

Andy Cohen/Instagram

Andy Cohen with his children, Ben and Lucy Cohen

That’s a wrap on summer vacation 2023 for Andy Cohen and his two children.

“Family vacation. It was Great!,” the Bravo host wrote on Instagram Monday alongside a photo showing his children, Ben, 4, and Lucy, 12 months, with their arms wrapped around each other in a big family hug. He tagged the image as taken in Amagansett, located in Long Island, New York.

The Watch What Happens Live host also gave viewers a peek into the post-vacation letdown in a video on his Instagram Story on Monday.

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In the clips, Cohen is seen at the wheel driving back to their home base in N.Y.C. “Only three hours 'til New York City, guys. Okay? It’s gonna be a fun drive,” Cohen announces, looking a bit unsure himself as the kids let out little screams from the backseat.

Cohen then asks Ben, “I don’t understand. Why do you hate the Midtown tunnel?”

“Because it’s boring,” Ben shoots back. Cohen then tries to reassure his son: “It’s boring? It’s not. It’s always very exciting when we go through the Midtown tunnel."

Ben’s hilarious antics have been the highlight of many of his dad’s Instagram posts throughout the summer.

In July, Cohen posted a video of himself driving his son to camp. Ben said he had been doing some “calculations” that indicated it was not going to be a good day ahead. Cohen explained to his son he could think in a different way.

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“You have the power to be a good boy, to be nice to everybody, and to participate today," explained Andy. Unfortunately, Ben was having nothing of it. “My calculations don’t say that,” he responded to his dad.

Cohen also revealed to his social media followers that his son had been hiding and eating potato chips before breakfast, as well as sneaking frozen Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Despite the off-hours snack, Cohen emphasized with his son: "I don't blame you. I love chips too, but there are some foods for breakfast and some foods for lunch and some foods for dinner, and chips aren't a breakfast food."

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