Anime fans have voted for the manga adaptations they most want to see – and 100,000 people can’t be wrong

 Shinanonchi no Ikuru.
Shinanonchi no Ikuru.

The results are in for Anime Japan’s annual vote on the manga fans want to see animated – and the next big thing could be lurking in the top 10.

As per Anime Japan's official site (H/T, over 100,000 eventgoers cast their vote in the poll.

Shinanonchi no Ikuru – which sadly doesn’t yet have a Western translation – was the top choice for fans, with the slice-of-life "nostalgic memoir manga" focusing on a brother-sister relationship in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

"I was so happy just to be nominated, but I didn't expect to win first place!" manga author Hami Nakasora told Anime Japan’s website. "I was so happy I thought I was dreaming! Thank you so much to all the readers who voted for me! I will continue to draw funny and nostalgic manga!"

Other picks include the yuri title The Summer You Were There, the shonen-manga Psyren, and the madcap adventures of otaku breakdancing group Real Akiba Boys. The full top 10 is below.

  • Shinanonchi no Ikuru

  • Syougakuseiemumotoemumi no kattekimamaraifu

  • Real Akiba Boys

  • I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend Into a Girl

  • Ugly Duckling of the Entertainment District

  • Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii

  • Kagurabachi

  • The Summer You Were There

  • Kindergarten Wars

  • Psyren

These aren’t just pie-in-the-sky picks, either. Previous titles that have made it on the list include hugely popular anime series such as Solo Leveling, Oshi No Ko, and the upcoming Kaiju No. 8.

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