Anne Hathaway Debuts a New Micro-Length Fringe Haircut

Anne Hathaway Debuts a New Micro-Length Fringe Haircut

I may be biased (being a magazine journalist 'n' all) but IMO, Anne Hathaway's greatest movie role was when she played Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada. The plot, the fashion, the scandals and of course, the iconic transformation; I mean, she went from that lumpy blue sweater to sleek, chic Chanel, and of course, who could forget her choppy fringe?

But what brings me to reminisce on such a time is the actor's brand new role in the upcoming movie The Idea of You and her fresh new micro-fringe haircut that has been debuted alongside its social media promo. Think: Andy Sach's trademark hair look but a leveled up, 2024 version.

Anne took to Instagram just short of 24 hours ago to share a still shot image from the film which features her starring character, Sophie (with said fringe), arm in arm with the character Hayes Campbell who is played by Nicholas Galitzine.

Sitting just beneath the middle of her forehead at eye-brow grazing length, at the time of filming, Anne's fringe (which–as of Jan 2024–has now grown out into longer face-framing was, arguably, the shortest it's ever been.

Both Camila Cabello and Zendaya also debuted similar bang haircuts earlier this month, making three a crowd trend. And if the IT girls are sporting all the same trim, you best believe we'll soon be following in their footsteps.

You heard it here first folks: 'tis the rise of the baby bang!

The Idea of You will be arriving on Prime Video May 2024.

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