Annoyed by TikTok Shop videos? Here’s how to remove most of them from your FYP

TikTok Shop was announced on Sept. 12 as the platform’s answer to get its millions of users to shop for products while browsing on the app. Creators were already highlighting their favorite items on their profiles, so why not make the in-app shopping experience easier?

According to the app, TikTok Shop “empowers brands and creators to connect with highly engaged customers based on their interests, and combines the power of community, creativity, and commerce to deliver a seamless shopping experience.”

In reality, it seems like the new feature annoys a lot of TikTok users. Some complain about the number of TikTok Shop ads on their FYPs — especially if they’ve never bought anything from TikTok.

“Is anybody else just absolutely fed up of their entire For You Page just being TikTok Shop advertisements?” a TikToker named Soph (@sophska4) asks in a recent video. “Like, I’m not being funny, I’ve never bought anything from a TikTok Shop, so I don’t know why it keeps trying to sell me stuff.”

Soph went on to say that she mostly goes on TikTok to watch funny videos before going to bed. So watching ads essentially take over her FYP was not what she signed up for.

“Its like amazon storefront has entered the chat and i cant run from it this time,” user @kianadalleave agrees in the caption of her own TikTok.

“I miss when TikTok used to be funny and every time I scrolled, it wasn’t an ad to buy a product,” Allura Day (@itsallurasworld) confesses in a video. “Baby, I don’t care about the face tracker. I don’t want to buy that stinky Brazilian Bum Bum.”

“This is so annoying,” Day added in her caption. “Abolish tiktok shop.”

“EVERY VIDEO A DAMN AD NOW,” @.9aeth3r wrote in the comments section.

“The un brush, black book, better health, wigs, a cup dupe. Sick of all of em,” complained @nishbreezy76.

As TikTok Shop increasingly frustrates users, many have been looking for ways to cleanse their FYPs of the ads entirely. According to one content creator, there’s a pretty simple way to do it.

“If you hate the TikTok Shop because it feels like every other video’s just somebody trying to sell you some crap, there’s a way you can get rid of it,” assures @yourfavoriteguy in a recent tutorial.

According to the content creator, you go to Settings, scroll down to Content Preferences and click on Filter Keywords. Then, add filters for the terms “TikTokShop” and “Shop.” This should block videos with those hashtags from showing up in your feed.

After explaining how it’s done, @yourfavoriteguy also mentioned how out of hand he feels the feature has become.

“TikTok’s been pushing this way too much,” the content creator said. “I think it’s turning people off of the app and I feel sad because there’s so many creators that used to make content that their audience enjoyed and now they’re all just selling out.”

In response to his video, a lot of TikTokers seemed to agree and were grateful for his tutorial.

“thank you for your service,” quipped @_yourmuhtha_.

“You’re my hero,” added @isitoveryeet.

However, others jumped in to mention one major caveat: While the filter hack certainly helps, it doesn’t work 100% of the time.

“IT DOES NOT GET RID OF ALL OF THEM,” warned @reginaaye105.

“I think TT found a way to get around it,” added @shaybuttabaybe. “This worked before I saw almost 0 TT Shop vids. now it’s terrible, idk what changed.”

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