Another Russian drone attack on Ukraine: one civilian killed in Odesa Oblast

Shahed suicide drone
Shahed suicide drone

One civilian was killed in a Russian drone attack on Odesa Oblast during the night leading into Dec. 7, the Ukrainian Air Force reported on Telegram.

The overnight attack included a total of 18 Shahed suicide drone.

Russian invasion forces launched the drone attacks from Cape Chauda in Crimea, with the primary targets being Khmelnitsky and Odesa oblasts. Ukrainian air defenses successfully intercepted and brought down 15 of the drones.

“Russian occupiers persistently attacked the Izmail district with kamikaze drones for nearly two hours,” stated Odesa regional governor Oleh Kiper on Telegram.

“Our air defense forces managed to intercept the majority of Shaheds, but unfortunately, there were hits. Russian attack caused damage to a ware-house, an elevator, and trucks.

One truck driver lost his life.” The State Emergency Servicer reported that it had rapidly extinguished a fire cause by the attack.

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