Anson Boon discusses John Lydon's response to Pistol

Anson Boon is "excited" to hear John Lydon's reaction to his portrayal of the Sex Pistols frontman in new Disney+ drama series Pistol.

The 22-year-old actor revealed to Yahoo Entertainment UK that he was "chuffed to bits" when Lydon vowed to actually watch Danny Boyle's six-part series, having previously dismissed it as a "middle class fantasy".

Boon said it wasn't a surprise for Lydon to speak out against the project — not least in the wake of an unsuccessful lawsuit he filed, attempting to prevent Sex Pistols music being used in the show.

Video transcript

TOM BEASLEY: I'm certain, playing John, he's been very outspoken already, sight unseen, about this show. I guess knowing that his reaction was going to be negative anyway, did that sort of take the pressure off?

ANSON BOON: Yeah, I can't say it was a surprise. I think the reason I'm such a big fan of John and so many people are is because of what a contrarian he is. And that's what made him so special and so unique at the time. And I just really wanted to do him justice because these guys were sick of me talking about it.

But I've just become such a big fan of his. And truly learning about him and reading all of his books and spending so much time with him in my head, I reckon has put me in the top percentage of his listeners on Spotify. I've become truly such a big fan of him. And I just felt this intense responsibility to do him the justice that I think he deserves. And I'm chuffed to bits because he has come out in the press now and said that he will watch it.

LOUIS PARTRIDGE: Is he? I didn't know that.

ANSON BOON: He's going to watch it. And I've left him all these little clues in my performance, things that I know that he will know that only someone that really read his books and really did his research will know about him. So I made sure all the food I was eating was right and all the props in his bedroom were right and every single last safety pin on his jackets were right.

So I'm excited for him to see it, you know? I won't be surprised at anything he comes out with. But I'm just excited, yeah.