Ant-Man Star Thinks Superhero Could Defeat Hulk

'Ant-Man' star Corey Stoll believes the shrinking superhero set to be played by Paul Rudd in next year's Marvel blockbuster could defeat The Hulk.

"It’s so weird… if somebody were to ask ‘What [super]power would you want?’ you wouldn’t say, ‘I’d like to be able to shrink down to the size of an ant.’," Stoll told Clevver. 


That seems like being the opposite of a superhero, but when you actually think about all the things you could do if you were that small,  and you retained your fullsize strength, you would be sort of unbeatable.

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"Like, I think the Ant-Man could beat the Hulk. He could shrink down and go up his nose, and you know, crush his brain. How is the Hulk gonna beat Ant-Man? He’d be chasing him around."

That’s actually pretty sound logic considering its about a theoretical fight between an enormous green gamma-radiated rage monster and a man who can shrink and talk to insects.

Stoll also spoke about his character Darren Cross, aka Yellowjacket, who will be villain of the piece - though Stoll doesn’t necessarily see him as a villain.

"He is not a villain in the vein of Thanos or Loki, who are villains that know it. [Cross] is a guy who is not that dissimilar from Michael Douglas’ character, Hank Pym. A brilliant scientist, who is not ethically pure."


"I think a great thing about the whole movie is that everybody is in those shades of grey a little bit. I think it will be a fun character to create."

Him likening the character to Douglas’ Pym (the original Ant-Man, who trains Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang) is interesting, particularly referencing to the pair as “not ethically pure”.

Pym once famously hit his wife Janet Van Dyne in the comics, but while the new film won’t deal directly with that, the character’s dubious unethical past could be reason for him hoping to impart his powers and wisdom on Lang in an attempt to atone for his past sins.

'Ant-Man' stars Rudd, Douglas and Stoll as well as Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña, Judy Greer and John Slattery. It is set for release on July 17, 2015.

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Picture credits: Marvel Comics / WENN