Anthony Anderson Heads to the Emergency Room After On-Set Fight Goes Wrong

Anthony Anderson spent a night in the emergency room following an on-set fight that left him with minor injuries, the Black-ish star told fans early Thursday.

Anderson wrote on Instagram that the incident was a “movie set fight gone wrong” featuring “me against two goons and a chair.”

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“Guess who didn’t win!” Anderson continued. “Who needs a stuntman? Me that’s who! I’m not as young as I used to be!”

In his post, Anderson holds up a peace sign from a hospital gurney. He went on to write that his CT scan and X-rays showed that nothing was fractured and broken, but that he suffered a deep contusion (bruise) in his back.

“That chair will never be the same though!” he wrote. “Bloodied and bowed but never broken.”

Anderson did not reveal what movie he was filming for at the time of the incident. Later on Thursday, he also posted a photo of “the chair that whooped my ass last night,” with the location set to Cape Town, South Africa.

“Something about it is menacing,” he wrote. “It sucker punched me in the kidneys and back with no mercy! When I got on set today it was grinning at me! Little does he know I got something for that ass! He gone learn today!”

Anderson’s injury comes just over two weeks after he hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards on Jan. 15. The Hollywood Reporter‘s critic Daniel Fienberg wrote at the time that the ceremony was “fueled by a love of television, by the visceral love for a never-more-ubiquitous medium that can be stirred by two or three notes of an indelible score or by a recognizable piece of production design or by seeing three or four of our favorite people in the same room together.”

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