Anti-Glasses Influencer Samantha Lotus Flouts Bizarre Claim She Can Fix Your Vision

Eric Livernoche
Eric Livernoche

“You may have been told that you need glasses, but that’s actually a lie.”

So says Samantha Lotus, a self-described “holistic master coach” and Canadian online wellness influencer, who says she can teach you to see clearly again for only $11.

Lotus is offering her tens of thousands of social media followers the chance to throw away their glasses and heal the “spiritual, emotional, mental and physical reasons” behind their bad eyesight, according to an Instagram post. Lotus says she teaches “holistic multidimensional healing” methods and has already healed her own eyesight, so that she no longer needs glasses, according to her social media.

In a post on Friday, Lotus claimed she had 338 people signed up to take her online masterclass.

But there’s a catch: “If you’re closed minded and want to stay a victim, this is NOT FOR YOU,” she writes.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) told The Daily Beast there are only a couple of ways to heal presbyopia, or farsightedness.

“The only way to correct it is corrective lenses (reading glasses or contact lenses), surgery, or medicated prescription eye drops,” an AAO spokesperson said.

The organization added that there was “no scientific evidence” to support other alternative practices to improve eyesight such as “eye yoga,” exercises that some claim can help presbyopia.

Lotus hit back at comments on her post calling her methods “quackery.”

“You can choose to stay blind,” she said in an Instagram story. “I have seen people take off their glasses and not need them anymore over and over and over again.”

Lotus’ website does not list any academic credentials but does says she uses “Lifestyle Alchemy, Holistic Health, Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics, Spirituality and Heart-led Entrepreneurship” with her clients.

In another Instagram story, Lotus claimed an “angry optometrist” had marshaled people to spam her account and leave “hateful comments.”

“Their negative energy does not effect me,” she wrote.

Lotus did not respond to a request for comment from The Daily Beast.

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