Antoine Fuqua developing dystopian novel Sky's End into a movie

Antoine Fuqua will adapt Sky's End for the cinema credit:Bang Showbiz
Antoine Fuqua will adapt Sky's End for the cinema credit:Bang Showbiz

Antoine Fuqua is adapting the dystopian novel 'Sky's End' into a movie.

The 58-year-old director and his Hill District Media production company are developing the New York Times bestseller by debut author Marc J Gregson for the big screen.

The book was published earlier this year and tells the story of how exiled teenager Conrad enters the Selection of Twelve Trades to save his sister from his murderous uncle.

In a civilisation of islands floating above toxic black clouds, Conrad joins an airship crew as he battles monsters in the air while exposing sinister agents of terror.

Kat Samick, Justin Bursch and Sam Levine are all producing for Hill District Media while Bob Higgins is set to executive produce for Trustbridge Entertainment - who acquired the rights to the tome from publishers Peachtree Teen.

Trustbridge chief Higgins told Deadline: "Hill District was at the top of our partner wish list. Antoine Fuqua has an unparalleled track record for telling stories with fascinating but flawed heroes, complex relationships, high stakes and, often, big action. It's a perfect match."

Gregson added: "I genuinely cannot wait for readers to see the world of the Skylands - with its horrifying monsters, epic battles, and memorable characters - come to life on the big screen."

'Sky's End' is not the only project that Fuqua has in the pipeline as he is also directing the Michael Jackson biopic 'Michael', which will cover "the good, the bad and the ugly" of the 'Billie Jean' artist's career when it is released in cinemas in 2025.

The 'Equalizer' director told Collider: "(I hope to provide) a better insight on Michael as an artist, as a human being - the good, bad, and the ugly - and let people decide for themselves on what they feel about Michael Jackson."