AP PHOTOS: Scenes of pain and destruction endure in week 4 of the latest Israel-Gaza conflict

A toddler with a bandaged head, limp and dusty, is carried into a Gaza hospital for treatment after an Israeli airstrike. Mourners bid farewell to a woman who was killed in southern Israel in the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on a kibbutz.

Scenes of destruction and pain endure on both sides as the latest conflict between Israel and Hamas stretches into a fourth week.

In central Gaza Strip, Palestinians try to rescue a girl from rubble following Israeli airstrikes in Nusseirat refugee camp. She hangs upside down with a hole gouged from her elbow, most of her body obscured in the wreck of the destroyed building.

Sitting atop a damaged building, a man surveys the remains of the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza Strip following intense Israeli airstrikes, holes and rubble where buildings once stood.

In a moment of hope, for some at least, Palestinians with dual nationality cluster around a desk trying to register to leave Gaza after the Rafah crossing into Egypt was opened to allow some trucks of aid into the beleaguered territory and, eventually, to allow some people out.