Apparently Tom Holland's Spider-Man Suit Has A Helmet And Without It, He Says You Can See 'How Strange' His Head Shape Really Is

 Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War.
Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War.

Superhero movies allow actors to become truly larger than life. For many that means hitting the gym to bulk up on muscle, but even then padded suits often help stars not named Dwayne Johnson look even more super than they otherwise would. But apparently Tom Holland’s Spider-Man costume is padded differently, to avoid showing the audience how strange his head actually looks.

In a clip posted to YouTube by B_ZoneOfficial with Holland and Zendaya, the actress reveals that she has a picture of Holland wearing the Spider-Man mask, but without the “helmet” that is usually part of the costume. The result is apparently a much less heroic-looking Spider-Man, as Holland admits he apparently has a weirdly shaped skull.

It’s something that I had never actually thought about, but when said, it makes perfect sense. Holland’s Spider-Man mask is perfectly round, which doesn’t make sense. He would have to have a very oddly shaped head if that was the way the mask naturally looked. The fact is that every Spider-Man actor has probably had some sort of similar mask design to make sure Spider-Man’s head doesn’t look oddly misshapen.

If nothing else, you’d have to deal with the actor's hair pushing the mask out of shape. They’d need to wear something inside to keep their head round or keep the mask round to give us the look of Spider-Man that we expect from the comics. In the comics, of course, as well as the animated films, Spidey can be drawn however he needs to be drawn and these realities are never a problem.

Still, now I want to see Zendaya’s picture because I’m curious how Tom Holland looks in the Spider-Man mask naturally. It’s probably hilarious or terrifying, or somewhere in between. I also want to compare Holland’s natural mask look to that of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. They probably all look slightly weird and hilarious.

Of course, the question that many fans have right now is just when Tom Holland will don the helmet-mask of Spider-Man once again. While Spider-Man 4 details are scarce, we know the movie is still in active development, but exactly where the project is, and when we might see it, is very much a mystery. The future of the entire of MCU is in a certain amount of upheaval due to the decision to part ways with Jonathan Majors, who had been set to continue his role as Kang. That decision is likely to result in repercussions throughout the franchise.

Whatever the future holds, it seems all but certain that we will see Tom Holland as Spider-Man again. The character has always been the most popular in Marvel’s arsenal, and Holland is also a huge star in the role. THere’s a good chance we may hear more this summer at Disney’s D23 Event, if more news doesn’t arrive sooner.