After Aquaman 2 Reportedly Struggled At The Box Office, It Actually Hit A Milestone For Recent DC Movies

 Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.
Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

The DC Extended Universe had a wild life in theaters, full of peaks and valleys. Most recently there have been some box office struggles, seemingly as a result of a new shared universe being started shortly. And while Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom reportedly struggled at the box office, it actually hit a milestone for recent DC movies. Let's break it all down.

Aquaman 2 was originally a highly anticipated upcoming DC movie, but interest in the shared universe has waned over the last few years. While the new sequel didn't become the highest grossing DC movie like the original, there was some good news. Because after weeks in theaters, it's already made more money than both The Flash and Black Adam. In fact, it's the highest grossing DC flick since 2018.

This revelation comes to us from ComicBook, after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom passed the $400 million mark. This is a serious chunk of change, especially after The Flash made $271 million and Black Adam took $390 million. So it looks like Momoa's character still appealed to audiences, even if it was his final bow as Arthur Curry.

The reason for this box office milestone may be for a few reasons, including its Christmas release and how well-liked Jason Momoa is among moviegoers. Still, the money made by Aquaman 2 is a drop in the bucket compared to the original's box office power back in 2018.

Still, it's impressive that the sequel managed to outperform other DC movies, especially since The Lost Kingdom would end up being the final chapter in the DC Extended Universe as we know it. We'll just have to see what Momoa's role in the new shared universe ends up being, starting with the first slate of projects titled Gods and Monsters.

Jason Momoa's Aquaman in orange and green costume in The Lost Kingdom
Jason Momoa's Aquaman in orange and green costume in The Lost Kingdom

Although it made more money than other DC movies, The Lost Kingdom didn't impress critics quite as much as its predecessor. CinemaBlend's Aquaman 2 review lamented this, while also praising elements of the movie's story. And given the sequel's box office haul when compared to recent releases, it should be interesting to see how the new DCU utilizes Jason Momoa's starpower.

The DC Extended Universe might have come to an end, but smart money says we'll see the Aquaman star back on the big screen in the new shared universe. Momoa posted a cryptic video after meeting with the studio, where he looked thrilled about what was going to come next. But it's unclear if that mean she'll be back as Aquaman or playing a different character entirely. There's tons of chatter online about him possibly playing the cosmic antihero Lobo.

Aquaman 2 is still in theaters and can now be purchased or rented from home. Check the 2024 move release dates to plan your next trip to the movies.