'Aquaman' director James Wan asks fans to stop harassing people who didn't like the movie

Hanna Flint
What Would Arthur Curry Do?
What Would Arthur Curry Do?

James Wan has a message for Aquaman fans trolling those who didn’t like the movie.


The director posted a message on Sunday asking for the online bullying to stop.

“It has come to my attention that some folks are getting harassed by some fans for not liking [Aquaman],” Wan tweeted. “Please don’t do that. Not the kind of support I want. Be respectful.”

He also asked those people who didn’t like the film to not attack him personally or tag him in their aggressive criticism.

“Vice versa, it’s ok to not like my film, but there’s no need to attack me personally, or tag me on hates. Peace,” he added.

Aquaman earned mixed reviews from critics ahead of its release earlier this month but the box office hasn’t suffered for it and has so far earned $748.8 (£585.7) million globally.

It is the first solo outing for Jason Momoa as the titular hero having made a cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice followed by a featured role in Justice League.

Momoa says he has already pitched the opening scene of a potential Aquaman sequel to Warner Bros and they apparently loved it so, with the success of this film, we might see that come to fruition.

We can also look forward to seeing more of Blank Manta if the film’s mid-credits scene was anything to go by.

Aquaman is in cinemas now

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