Aquaman is making pretty big change from Justice League

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

From Digital Spy

Thanks to the casting of Jason Momoa and a badass costume, the DCEU's Aquaman is a LOT less lame than people like to joke that the character is.

But Justice League does contain one moment that, while avoiding one of the things that people might find incredibly silly, comes across as pretty narmy and ridiculous anyway.

If you've seen the movie, you know the moment: the conversation between Aquaman and Mera that takes place within some air bubble underwater.

Photo credit: @ZackSnyder / Twitter

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Okay, sure, doing it another way might undercut the GRITTY SERIOUSNESS of Justice League, but this can't be how everyone talks in Atlantis, right? A whole movie of people creating air bubbles to talk in? That's just super super dumb.

Well don't worry, James Wan is here to reassure you that this won't happen: