'Archive': Stacey Martin reveals the pain behind the prosthetics

Stacy Martin had to don extensive prosthetics to portray a synthetic person in this new sci-fi film from director Gavin Rothery. Starring Theo James, Toby Jones and Stacy Martin, Archive is available on digital download from 18 January, 2021

2038. Two and a half years into a three-year research contract, George Almore (Theo James) is on the verge of a breakthrough. Stationed halfway up a snow-capped mountain near Kyoto at a secret facility codenamed ‘The Garden’, he has been working on a model that is a true human-equivalent android. His prototype is almost complete. But this most sensitive phase of his work is also the riskiest. Especially as George has an ulterior motive for his work that must be hidden at all costs: Being re-united with his dead wife, Jules (Stacy Martin).