Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders says the band would be ‘interested’ in writing a Bond theme

Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders says the band would be ‘interested’ in writing a Bond theme

Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders says the band would be “interested” in writing a James Bond theme song.

Helders was discussing the Sheffield band’s seventh studio album The Car during an interview with NME after the publication named it album of the year.

Asked if the band would ever make a Bond theme song, Helders said: “I’m sure it’s something we would still be interested in, but I don’t think it’s officially been proposed.”

The drummer then joked that he believed frontman Alex Turner was already writing tunes that sound like Bond songs.

“However, it is almost like Alex is already writing Bond themes,” he said. “There just ain’t a film that’s been made and is ready [for his songs] yet!”

The band recently announced their long awaited UK and Ireland tour, which will visit stadium venues throughout May and June next year.

The tour will include dates in London, Dublin, Glasgow and the band’s hometown of Sheffield.

Helders said that the band haven’t decided on a setlist for the tour yet, but thinks some songs from the new album could have “a moment”.

“We haven’t discussed this yet, but I think ‘Hello You’ could be really fun, and I also think ‘Jet Skis On The Moat’ could have a bit of a moment,” he said.

Helders said that the band takes care to consider which venues they choose, with the decision influencing the songs they plan to play.

“We always consider the venues that we’re playing, so it’ll be a setlist that is built for purpose when it comes to those shows.

“But it’s always fun when you can get away with playing something that’s not your typical ‘anthem’, and you see people really paying attention and losing themselves in the moment.”

The drummer, who took the photograph for The Car’s album artwork, believes that playing such enormous venues is a “huge leap” for the Arctic Monkeys.

“It probably won’t sink in until I’m halfway through the first gig,” he said.

“It’s wild to think that I’ve watched football games in some of these places, and it’s nuts to imagine what it’s going to be like to be on stage in front of so many people every night. It’s a massive leap for us.”

Helders also admitted that the band had never expected to play stadiums: [I]don’t think that [playing stadiums] was the goal, necessarily, because we just didn’t expect it to happen.”

Tickets to see the Arctic Monkeys on tour are available now.