Argentine scientists unearth long-necked dinosaur fossil

STORY: Argentine paleontologists have unearthed a long-necked dinosaur fossil

which they say is one of the largest ever discovered

Location: Patagonia, Argentina

Scientists decided to name the dinosaur 'Chucarosaurus Diripienda'

(Paleontologist, Matias Motta)

"The Chucarosaurus was about 98 feet long, we know this from the remains we were able to find of this dinosaur, which include parts of the forelimb, the hand of the animal, as well as the hind limb and some hip segments. The size of this animal is truly remarkable. The femur, the bone that articulates the hip with the foot, is over 6 feet tall. It is a very large dinosaur of the sauropod group called colossosaurs, which are huge dinosaurs that lived in Patagonia.”