Ariadne is getting a spooky Halloween-inspired drag makeover

On this Halloween-inspired episode of Dragged, horror filmmaker and lover of all things spooky and scary, Ariadne, is ready to be transformed into a horror-inspired drag queen. “I am ready to transform to be Spooky Queen, Spooky Babe, just make me scary!” she exclaims. Can host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) help Ariadne put the “gore” in gore-geous? Let’s see!

Thorgy heads off to the fashion closet where she directs stylist Elle LC to “make Halloween come alive” with Ariadne’s spooky drag outfit. “You say spooky I think Elvira. Drag icon,” declares Elle LC. The stylist has the perfect ensemble in mind. She pulls a black leather dress covered in silver stones in the design of spiderwebs. Elle LC pairs the arachnid-inspired garment with a bejeweled glam version of a Grim Reaper cloak.

Makeup artist, Blue, compliments Ariadne’s spider outfit with some spider-inspired eye makeup. She conceals Ariadne’s eyebrows and adds some jewels in their place to look like the eyes of a spider.

“It’s creepy, it’s spooky, it’s gross. It’s amazing,” gushes Ariadne of her glam.

“You look terrifying,” admits Thorgy. “Thank you,” responds Ariadne.

The spider theme has also inspired Ariadne’s drag name, which she announces to be Aria Phobia, taking inspiration from the word for a fear of spiders: arachnophobia.

When Aria Phobia is revealed, she makes her presence known. “I’m just this evil queen that’s just gonna like, dominate,” she declares.

Her final look is complete with ruby red jewelry and a show-stopping natural red wig.

“The red is everything for me right now,” says Aria Phobia. “It’s just dipped in blood, literally,” Thorgy observes. “You’re wearing the blood of all of your ex-lovers.”

“Yeah, blood lust,” confirms Aria Phobia.

With a solid character backstory to go with her new drag persona as Aria Phobia, Ariadne has officially been dragged, and is more than ready to go trick-or-treating!

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