Who Is Ariana Madix's New Love Interest? All About Daniel Wai

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The Vanderpump Rules star has been spending time with the fitness influencer since splitting from her longtime boyfriend Tom Sandoval in March

Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty; Daniel Wai/Instagram Ariana Madix and Daniel Wai
Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty; Daniel Wai/Instagram Ariana Madix and Daniel Wai

Get to know Ariana Madix's new man.

A little over a month after the Vanderpump Rules star learned of her longtime boyfriend Tom Sandoval's affair with costar Raquel Leviss, Madix was seen spending time with a new man named Daniel Wai.

The pair was spotted out during weekend one of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California in April, where they were seen kissing and holding hands.

Despite the packed on PDA, Madix — who had just ended a nine-year relationship with Sandoval in March — isn't looking to rush into anything "serious," an insider told PEOPLE at the time. She and her fitness influencer beau are just "having fun."

As for how Madix and Wai met? A source told ET the two were introduced to each other "at a mutual friend's wedding in Mexico." However, it remains unclear as to when exactly that interaction took place.

Most recently, Madix celebrated Wai's big birthday bash in N.Y.C. in early May. The health guru shared a video recap of his weekend on his Instagram, featuring date nights and a trip to the Yankees game. Other clips showed off the present Madix gifted him in honor of his special day.

"Ariana's been telling people in her circle that she's falling in love with him," a source told PEOPLE. "It's happening faster than she thought but he treats her well, they're having fun, and she's happy to be moving on to this next chapter with such an incredible guy."

Read on for everything to know about Madix's new love interest, Wai.

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He's from New York

Daniel Wai/Instagram
Daniel Wai/Instagram

Wai calls the city of New York his home. While it's unknown what college he went to, he studied computer science, business and math while enrolled.

On top of his course load to attain his degree, Wai intertwined his passion for physical fitness, taking part in weight training and enrolling in boxing classes. "Although my passion was driving me towards physical fitness, logic was pointing me towards full time employment in a corporation," he wrote on his personal website.

He pursued a career in consulting

After graduating college, Wai pursued a career in consulting, of which some of his clients included Fortune 500 companies. However, his fitness mindset shifted his focus to the gym — ultimately, working double duty as a part-time trainer before and after his nine-to-five job.

According to Wai's website, his consulting job had him traveling many hours around the country to meet his clients' needs. After various years of that grind, he "made an executive decision" to continue his work as a consultant, but from his home in N.Y.C.

Despite the change in location and pace, Wai said the consulting job was "neither fulfilling nor inspiring" in comparison to the training job he picked up on the side. In fact, he wrote that it "changed my entire outlook on life."

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He quit his consulting job to be a full-time trainer

Daniel Wai/Instagram
Daniel Wai/Instagram

To completely fulfill his passion, he decided to quit his job in consulting and pursue a career as a trainer full-time. After passing his National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer test, he did just that.

"I have been a trainer for the past decade and it has been one of the most fulfilling and humbling experiences," wrote Wai. "To be a point of inspiration, a support system, receiving praise on how I was changing their life for the better left me humbled and in awe."

He became interested in physical fitness at age 13

Wai's interest in fitness didn't start in college. He's had an interest in "physical health and conditioning" ever since he was 13 years old. "As a typical teenager I was insecure with my size and strength and decided to incorporate exercise and physical fitness into my life and it has been a large part of my life ever since," he wrote on his website.

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He and Ariana Madix are taking things slow

Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty; Daniel Wai/Instagram Ariana Madix and Daniel Wai
Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty; Daniel Wai/Instagram Ariana Madix and Daniel Wai

Wai and Madix first met at a mutual friend's wedding in Mexico in March 2023. This was shortly after the reality star learned that Sandoval had cheated.

Then, in April 2023, the pair attended Coachella together. Although they were spotted hanging out, and even shared a kiss together, sources told PEOPLE that Madix was just "having fun."

"Ariana just got out of a long relationship, and isn't jumping into anything serious," the insider said at the time. "What you're seeing is a woman who is single and having fun."

Madix was featured on Wai's Instagram Story during the weekend. He also tagged the reality star in a selfie of them waiting for Frank Ocean's headlining performance at the music and arts festival on the final night. Then TMZ shared a video of the pair smooching during the headliner's show.

While their relationship started as a "light rebound fling," a source told PEOPLE in May 2023 that things have gotten more serious between Madix and Mai.

"They have a special bond," the insider said. "Even though he lives in New York City, they've been able to make it work."

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