Arnie doesn't regret Batman film

Schwarzenegger says that he made the right choice to appear in derided 'Batman & Robin'

Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that he has no regrets about appearing in the derided Batman film, 'Batman & Robin'.Arnie... no regrets over playing Mr Freeze (Copyright: Rex)

The Austrian Oak played villain Mr Freeze in the 1997 flick, which was directed by Joel Schumacher and starred George Clooney as the caped crusader, but it was a critical disaster and did poor business in the US.

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“In most cases I don't regret the movies that failed or were not as good,” he told Empire magazine. “It's always easy to be smug in hindsight, right?

“I don't regret it at all. I felt that the character was interesting and two movies before that one Joel Schumacher was at his height. So the decision-making process was not off.

“At the same time I was doing 'Eraser' over there and Warner Bros. begged me to do the movie.”

The film saw Warner can the planned follow up 'Batman Triumphant', and led to them shelving the franchise until 2005, when Christopher Nolan took it over making 'Batman Begins'.

Clooney, who took over from Val Kilmer in playing Bruce Wayne, has been vocal about how poor the film was in the past.

“With hindsight it's easy to look back at this and go, 'Woah, that was really s**t and I was really bad in it',” he told Total Film back in 2011.

“It was a difficult film to be good in. I don't know what I could have done differently. But if I am going to be Batman in the film 'Batman & Robin', I can't say it didn't work and then not take some of the blame for that.”