Arnie in talks for Toxic Avenger remake

Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly in talks for a role in a planned remake of the 80s cult B-movie 'The Toxic Avenger'.

The off-beat, ultra-violent action comedy centred around the character of Melvin Ferd III, a puny janitor who while being chased by bullies lands himself in a vat of toxic waste.

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He later transforms into a mutant creature with superhuman size and strength, and goes in search of evil and corruption, becoming the titular Toxic Avenger.

The new version is to be directed by Steve Pink, who helmed 2010 screwball comedy 'Hot Tub Time Machine'.

Schwarzenegger would not be playing the lead character, however.
The role being eyed for the former Governor of California, rather aptly, is that of The Exterminator, a black ops agent who teaches the Toxic Avenger how to use his new-found skills for good.

Previous reports on the film have put John Travolta as a possible lead, but there's been no further word on that casting since last summer.

The original spawned two sequels, a musical and an animated series for kids.

It would be among a number of forthcoming projects for Arnie since his retirement from politics.

On the slate for the Austrian Oak are jailbreak actioner 'Escape Plan' with Sylvester Stallone, Vinnie Jones and 50 Cent, 'Ten' with Terrence Howard and Sam Worthington, 'Twins sequel 'Triplets' with Danny DeVito and 'The Legend of Conan'.

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