Arnold Schwarzenegger: dealing with ageing

Chris Jones
Yahoo UK Movies News

In an interview with 'The Mail on Sunday' the Terminator reveals that he's not as spritely as he used to be. And neither is another Hollywood tough guy, Sylvester Stallone.

Schwarzenegger told 'The Mail' that during the filming of his next movie, prison drama, 'The Tomb', both he and Sly pulled calf muscles on set.

Both actors had to have cortisone shots to continue working. ‘'We were like two idiots standing there. It was pitiful.'’ said Schwarzenegger. ‘'It would never have happened 20 years ago.’'

The action hero also reveals that while he hates the ageing process that he has no plans to slow down. ‘'Ageing sucks. Your mind wants to be 30 but the body doesn’t quite keep up with it.’'

When asked if he was thinking of retiring he responded: ‘'Retiring? That’s not my style. I don’t understand it. Retire from what? From having fun? I’ve done four movies since I stepped out of the governor’s office. That shows the pace I’m working at.’'

Arnie's latest film, 'The Last Stand', co-starring Johnny Knoxville has just been released.