Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are teaming up again

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger have plans to team up once again for a new movie.

The two actors, who played brothers and starred together in 1988’s “Twins,” also appeared together recently at the Oscars, where they did a bit on both playing “Batman” villains.

“Arnold and I are good buddies. We met way before ‘Twins,’ years ago,” DeVito told CNN in a recent interview. “We’re working on something, a project that we’re going to do together, another movie. We get along really well.”

As for their Oscars reunion, DeVito said they tried to keep it quiet before the event.

“When they asked to do this, it’s just so much fun and we kept it a surprise as much as we could,” he says. “We didn’t tell anybody and that was fun going out there and it was a big, good reception. They were very, very nice to us.”

DeVito said the pair’s new project is currently being written.

“We’re hoping that sooner than later, we’ll have a nice script to go to work,” he said.

While waiting on the script, DeVito still has other projects, like his role on “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and the recent animated film “Migration.” He’ll also do a performance of “Matilda” at the State Theater in New Brunswick, N.J., on March 22.

“First of all, I love the movie. I mean, I always have, it was one of my favorites to make,” he said. “David Newman, who wrote the score a few years ago, said, let’s do this ‘Matilda’ live thing. You take the music out of the movie and the symphony orchestra is in front of the screen.”

“I narrate the movie as well as play Wormwood,” DeVito explained. “It’s gonna be a fun night. Rhea’s [Pearlman] going to come, she’s Mrs. Wormwood. Mara Wilson, who played Matilda is coming. And I dug up the jacket and I have the hat.”

DeVito said the movie “Matilda,” which debuted in 1996, has stayed with him because he made it when his kids were young.

“My son was around Matilda’s age, eight or nine. And I loved working the kids. And the whole experience was genuinely great,” DeVito recalled. “Every time it’s on, I do stop and watch it.”

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