Coronavirus: Arnold Schwarzenegger and his donkeys deliver a 'stay at home' public service announcement

This Oct. 26, 2019 photo shows actor Arnold Schwarzenegger posing for a portrait to promote the film, "Terminator: Dark Fate" at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. (Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Credit: Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is advising everyone to stay at home with their donkeys.

The Terminator legend, 72, has posted a video in the wake of California's decision to close bars, cinemas and severely limit restaurant capacity to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Flanked by Whiskey and Lulu, his equine chums, he explains 'we stay home and we eat here'.

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Captioning the post, he says: “Stay at home as much as possible. Listen to the experts, ignore the morons (foreheads). We will get through this together.‬”

He goes on: “The important thing is that you stay at home... especially for someone who's 72 years old, after your 65 you're not allowed out of the house in California anymore. So we stay home and we eat here.

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“That's what we do. We don't go out, we don't go to restaurants, we don't do anything like that anymore here.

“No more restaurants, OK? Forget all that. Public gatherings, restaurants, gymnasiums... out the window.”

If Arnie is advising against going to the gym, you know he means business.

In a second video, unleashed a couple of days ago, he also delivered a hand-washing tutorial with his Yorkshire Terrier, Cherry.

“Together, we can slow this down and protect each other,” he said.

California governor Gavin Newsom yesterday announced that over-65s should isolate themselves, and bars and pubs should close.

The state has already reported 335 confirmed cases, and six deaths.