Arnold Schwarzenegger joined by donkey Lulu for home workout

Laura Harding, PA Deputy Entertainment Editor

Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared a video of his donkey Lulu accompanying him as he exercises in his home gym.

The action star and former California governor shared footage of the animal leaping over the door frame as they made their way into the gym.

The video also shows her peering over Schwarzenegger’s shoulder or standing opposite him as he exercises on different machines.

At one point he looks at the camera and says: “How cute is this?”

The video finishes with a shot of Lulu staring at herself in the mirror. The actor captioned it: “Lulu pumps up.”

The donkey makes frequent appearances on Schwarzenegger’s Instagram account and earlier this week he shared a video of her sleeping on the lawn, writing: “Lulu is having a hard time adjusting to the work week.”

He also shared a video of a celebration for her first birthday, in which he serenades her and feeds her treats.