Arnold Schwarzenegger to be Avatar villain?

Rumours put Austrian Oak in the frame for Cameron's sequels.

To be taken with perhaps an unhealthy pinch of salt, Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to be lined up to play the villain in the forthcoming 'Avatar' sequels.

The rumour mongers at the Latino Review movie site are citing sources close the production putting the Austrian Oak in the frame.

It's claimed that he would be playing 'an evil military man', no doubt filling the shoes left vacant by the cartoonishly evil, buzz-cutted Colonel Miles Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang in the first movie.

These are, it must be stressed once again, merely rumours, but director James Cameron and Arnie do have history.

The pair have 'Terminator', 'Terminator 2' and 'True Lies' under their shared belts, and perhaps Cameron is planning to pull out some big guns for the casting of the new movies, following the relatively low-key ensemble from 'Avatar'.

Whatever the outcome, it's likely we won't be finding out for some time yet who is involved.

Cameron won't even start shooting any of the three new films – two sequels and a prequel - until next year, with 'Avatar 2' not due until 2015 – to be known henceforth as the the year of the blockbuster.

Is Arnie a good choice? Let us know what you think...