Arnold Schwarzenegger's flight to LA forced to land after 'engine scare'

Ben Arnold
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Credit: EFE)

A flight to Los Angeles with Arnold Schwarzenegger on board was forced to turn around and land, after reporting an engine problem.

The British Airways flight from Heathrow to LA on Tuesday got as far as the western isles of Scotland before having to turn back, according to The Sun.

The Austrian Oak was among the 328 passengers and 25 crew on board the plane, which then had to circle Heathrow for more than an hour before landing.

According to reports, pilots had to dump the plane’s fuel because it would have been too heavy land.

The Terminator star was said to be ‘shaken but impressed with the professional BA crew’.

A spokesperson for BA said: “We’re sorry for the delay to our customers’ travel plans.

“The flight is returning to Heathrow due to a minor technical issue.

“Safety is always our very highest priority and our highly trained flight crew will always err on the side of caution.”

The former Governor of California had been in London for the night on Monday this week, where he was spotted going to Annabel’s club in Mayfair.

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