Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Joseph Baena Just Went Full Top Gun On A Beach Outing, And I Kind Of Hope He Throws His Hat In The Ring For Top Gun 3

 Joseph Baena on the UNWAXED Podcast
Joseph Baena on the UNWAXED Podcast

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a father to five children, including Joseph Baena. As soon as the world found out who his father was, fans have not been able to ignore the uncanny resemblances. If you want even more flashbacks of a younger Schwarzenegger, check out Baena’s look at the beach going full Top Gun, making me wish he'd be cast in the third movie really bad.

Do you remember in both Top Gun movies when the pilots took some downtime to play some shirtless volleyball/football? With Top Gun: Maverick, the cast all busted their bums to prepare (except for Tom Cruise of course). If Joseph Baena was featured in that scene, he’d already be ripped like Cruise based on his Instagram post playing volleyball on the beach. Take a look at his Holy beach abs down below:

As you can imagine, all that people could comment about is just how much Joseph Baena looks like his dad. It makes me wonder if he gets tired of people telling him the obvious. Then again, I’m sure he’s well aware that he’s the spitting image of the Predator actor. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be entertaining us by saying his dad’s iconic lines that bring us nostalgia.

But, it’s important to remember that the 25-year-old is a man of his own who chose not to take his dad’s famous last name to establish his own identity. Plus, The Terminator actor certainly didn’t take up real estate or have his muscles dance on season 31 of Dancing with the Stars. So, it proves the two of them are their own people.

It was a sad start that motivated Joseph Baena to get himself fit. As a kid throughout elementary and middle school, he was bullied for being overweight which was a real struggle for him. Luckily, his famous dad motivated Baena to start heavy lifting when he was scared of what his dad would think. Through swimming and lifting weights, the real estate agent/actor was able to get down to 165 pounds.

Before you know it, he started training with Schwarzenegger for the first time who encouraged him to push the limits and go the extra mile with his workouts. Even though Baena is at the weight he wants, he still continues working out to avoid his childhood weight from coming back.

As Joseph Baena is in the acting game outside of real estate and bodybuilding, I now have a fan request for the Chariot actor to have a role in Top Gun 3. If they were to recreate the infamous shirtless volleyball scene, he’d naturally nail that scene down flat. Nothing’s been set in stone if a third movie will happen. But, you’d like to think it’s in the bag as Top Gun: Maverick couldn’t and wouldn’t stop making box office money when it premiered Memorial Day weekend.

Franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer thinks Top Gun 3 could happen as long as Tom Cruise is still alive after filming Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning. Plus, Bruckheimer mentioned they want to put thought into a good story. Hopefully they don’t wait too long since Cruise and Miles Teller were in the 20s-30s age range when they first flew behind the cockpits. It looks like Baena still has time.

If Top Gun 3 were to come to fruition, hopefully Bruckheimer caught that photo of Joseph Baena playing sports at the beach to make our fan-casting dreams a reality. You can watch Top Gun: Maverick with your Amazon Prime subscription and Paramount+ subscription. Be sure to take a look at our 2023 movie releases so you’re aware of the next time you see Baena in a new film project.