‘Arrested Development’: Jason Bateman Teases The Start Of Season 5 On Twitter

Dino-Ray Ramos

Fans of Arrested Development will be happy to hear that the fifth season of the cult comedy is well on its way to Netflix. Actor Jason Bateman took to Twitter to let fans know that the upcoming season is officially happening by tweeting a photo of a very familiar-looking living room with the caption, “Here comes trouble. The Bluths move back in on the 8th.”

In a Deadline interview Bateman did for his brand new Netflix drama, Ozark, he said that they start production on the new season on the first week of August. Putting two and two together, I’m guessing that Bateman and the cast start filming on August 8.

In regards to this season, Bateman said that it will be a second act of a three-act story that started with the first load of Netflix episodes. “It was a story that Mitchell Hurwitz hatched after the Fox episodes,” he said. “There’s no plan yet to do a third act, but if this season is embraced that is definitely a possibility. One of the major stories is the death of Liza Minnelli’s character and who did it. It’s not a murder mystery per se, but that’s one of the central threads.”

The next season of Arrested Development is slated to premiere on Netflix in 2018.

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