Arya Stark's new weapon in 'Game of Thrones' could be this 'showstopper'

Hanna Flint
Arya has a new weapon and it could be this showstopper (Credit: HBO)

Game of Thrones returned with a bang on Monday bringing old faces together for the first time in ages.

Apart from that stare off between Bran and Jaime Lannister, episode one also brought together Arya Stark and Gendry who hadn’t seen each other since season 3.

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Maisie Williams’ character heads down to the blacksmith’s working area to make a request of her pal, that being the construction of a new weapon of her own design.

Arya gives Gendry a new weapon to design (Credit: HBO)

The drawing was only seen briefly and had people speculating as to what it could be but thanks to the show’s weapon master viewers might have a better idea.

Speaking on Vanity Fair’s Still Watching podcast, Tommy Dunne revealed that he had designed a “showstopper” of a new weapon.

“There is one creation in Season 8 that is absolutely phenomenal,” Dunne explained. “It’ll be a showstopper. That was great to finish.

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“It was great to make, great to design it, that it was about to be reverse-engineered and made into two different items.”

Is this the weapon of Arya’s design seen in the season 8 trailer?spear

Of course, he could be referring to another weapon but there’s a strong possibility it could be Arya’s new killing tool which may have already been seen in the season 8 trailer.

Arya carries a new weapon as she runs through the halls of Winterfell, and it looks like she is holding it up in a later scene as the blade looks similar to her drawing.

Maybe the weapon is an extendable spear

Later there is a moment where she is fighting with a spear but that could mean that her new weapon is actually extendable so she’s even more deadly.

Whatever it turns out to be people are already speculating about who Arya will use it on:

We’ll find out soon enough when Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic on Monday 22nd April at 2am and 9pm.