UPDATE: Jason Momoa in Talks for 'The Crow': See Timeline of All the Bids to Get This Reboot Started Since 2008


Brandon Lee in ‘The Crow’ (Photo: Everett)

Update 8/10/16: According to Mashable, Jason Momoa is the latest star to circle Relativity Media’s reboot of The Crow. The Aquaman and Game of Thrones actor fueled the speculation about his advanced talks for the lead role by posting a new Instagram of himself with would-be Crow director Colin Hardy. See the photo below, and beneath that see our timeline dating back to December 2008 to track the ups and downs of the long bid to re-do The Crow:

Original article: It’s not unusual for Hollywood projects to go through several different directors, screenwriters, and actors during pre-production. Few, however, have gone through as many twists and turns as The Crow since late 2008.

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Three directors, three screenwriters, and at least eight actors have been reported to be connected to the bid to bring the franchise back to the big screen. And yet, despite all the false starts, the project stays alive — witness the latest report from Deadline that director Corin Hardy, who exited the most recent attempt to revive The Crow in March, might be open to a return. Hardy is currently set to direct Hell Bent, an action film about murdered mercenaries on their way to hell when they are recruited on a mission to kill Satan.

The Crow, based on the graphic novel by James O’Barr, received critical acclaim and won a slew of loyal fans when released as a feature film in 1994. Tragically, the film’s star, Brandon Lee, was killed in an accident on the set eight days before filming was scheduled to end.

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Follow the timeline below to see all the hoops The Crow has had to jump through in its so-far unsuccessful bid for a new big-screen version.

December 2008: Stephen Norrington (Blade) signs on as director.

July 2010: Nick Cave (The Proposition, Lawless) joins in to revise Norrington’s script.

October 2010: Mark Wahlberg is reported to have been offered the lead.

October 2010: Stephen Norrington leaves as director.

November 2010: Mark Wahlberg acknowledges discussions about The Crow, but says “we’re not committed to making the movie.”

April 2011: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) signs on as director.

April 2011: Bradley Cooper reported to be in early talks for the lead role.

April 2011: The Weinstein Company files a lawsuit against Relativity Media over the rights to The Crow remake.

June 2011: Alex Tse (Watchmen) brought in as the latest screenwriter.

August 2011: Cooper bows out due to scheduling conflicts.

August 2011: Wahlberg and Channing Tatum are reported to be on the wish list.

October 2011: Fresnadillo exits to direct Highlander (which he would exit in November 2012).

January 2012: Relativity Media and The Weinstein Company settle their legal issues and team up.

January 2012: F. Javier Gutiérrez (Before the Fall) attached as director and Jesse Wigutow (It Runs in the Family) as screenwriter.

February 2013: James McAvoy is rumored to star.

April 2013: Tom Hiddleston is rumored to star.

May 2013: Alexander Skarsgard is rumored to star.

May 2013: Luke Evans signs on.

November 2013: Cliff Dorfman (Warrior) is the latest screenwriter attached to the film.

July 2014: Gutiérrez exits to direct The Ring 3.

October 2014: Producer Ed Pressman says he hopes production will start in spring 2015.

December 2014: Corin Hardy (The Hallow) signs on as director.

January 2015: Luke Evans exits the film.

February 2015: Jack Huston (American Hustle, Kill Your Darlings) signs on to star.

May 2015: Andrea Riseborough (Birdman, Oblivion) reported to be in negotiations to star as the villain.

July 2015: Jack Huston drops out due to scheduling conflicts.

August 2015: The Crow creator O’Barr says another movie will happen.

September 2015: Relativity Media files for bankruptcy.

November 2015: Pressman says The Crow set to film in 2016.

March 2016: Corin Hardy exits as director.

April 2016: Relativity Media formally emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

June 2016: Reports say Hardy might return as director.

August 2016: Jason Momoa is reported to be in talks for the lead role in The Crow reboot, with Hardy back on board as director for the Relativity Media production.

Watch a trailer for the Blu-ray release of ‘The Crow’ starring Brandon Lee: