We Asked Rebecca Ferguson A Dune 2 Question She Couldn't Answer. So, She Pulled Out Her Phone And Texted Denis Villeneuve

 Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica in Dune: Part 2.
Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica in Dune: Part 2.

Rebecca Ferguson has become one of our favorite interview subjects—throughout her promo tour for the sci-fi blockbuster Dune: Part Two, the Swedish actress has offered up one hilarious soundbite after another. She recently revealed how having a Timothée Chalamet lookalike for a husband has made things very confusing in the Ferguson household and told CinemaBlend about how she and her co-stars came up with sexual names for all of the sci-fi objects in the Dune universe.

But her appearance on the ReelBlend podcast might have just gifted us fans our favorite Ferguson moment yet. In the Dune 2 cast, Rebecca plays Lady Jessica, Paul Atreides' mother and the newly appointed Reverend Mother. As a member of the Bene Gesserit, a powerful sisterhood with advanced physical and mental abilities, Jessica is able to use a technique called "the Voice" to overpower and kill her enemies.

While chatting with CinemaBlend Managing Director Sean O’Connell and Fox 5 DC Entertainment Reporter Kevin McCarthy, Ferguson hilariously discussed how she and director Denis Villeneuve came up with that ominous "Voice":

I don’t actually know the mix of it, but when we do it, I did it very, very forcefully straight and loud. I don’t put any mechanics to the voice, so I don’t know if he’s amped up my voice, but I would definitely just say, ‘Put it down,’ and depending on the trajectory of the voice, it would create a resonance. I don’t really know. I wish I knew exactly how he plays with it.

However, because Rebecca Ferguson didn't know exactly how the "Voice" was mixed and produced, she decided to go straight to the source for intel. Yes, she did so by whipping out her cell phone mid-interview and texting Denis Villeneuve directly while casually chewing on a toothpick, much to the delight of our podcast hosts:

I wonder if I could look it up. Wait, I’m going to text Denis, two seconds. 'Hi hon, who did the Voice—I should just say the Voice, right? Who did the Voice for my voice in the first film? Was it Kathleen Turner? And if so, am I allowed to mention this? If not, it's too late. Okay. It sent!

Alas, the actress didn't get a response from the French-Canadian filmmaker so we'll never know if Kathleen Turner does in fact have an uncredited Dune cameo as "the Voice" of Lady Jessica.

Fans were similarly enthralled by Ferguson's funny, relaxed behavior during the podcast appearance, commenting on Instagram:

  • "So chaotic vibe" - @joaovictorlima1997

  • "She is quite kooky, and I had no idea! 😂" - @mysinghlove

  • "Dude she's really divine" - @adamumemo

  • "She is not what I expected her to be like and I love it" - @piz_zarinasbarro

  • "Idk why but this is the second interview I've seen where she has a toothpick in her mouth and I love her for it 😂" - @king_obie617

Though Lady Jessica is far less humorous than her actress counterpart, you can catch Rebecca Ferguson as the Dune 2 matriarch in the critically acclaimed Denis Villeneuve flick in theaters now, or stream the first movie with a Max subscription.