Astros Fans Are Begging Ted Cruz to Stay at Home for Game 7

The Houston Astros are on the brink of returning to the World Series for the fifth time in the past seven years — which means they’ve had a pretty good postseason. Ted Cruz wouldn’t know it, though, at least not based on what he’s seen in person. The Astros haven’t fared well in games the Texas senator has attended, the latest of which was their Game 6 loss to the Texas Rangers on Sunday night, forcing a seventh and deciding game on Monday.

Cruz has posted pictures of himself at the team’s second game against the Minnesota Twins, which the Astros lost 6-2, and their first game against the Rangers, which they lost 2-0. Cruz did not post about the Game 6 loss on Sunday.

A spokesperson for Cruz confirmed to Rolling Stone that he will be in attendance on Monday night, while citing several games Cruz has attended that the Astros have won dating back to the ’80s and noting that attending games is a tradition he shares with his daughter.

“No one calls them the ‘Astros.’ Go Stros. Senator Cruz has a legendary record supporting the Stros in their biggest victories, including when he cheered the Stros on to victory on June 3, 1989, which was one of the longest baseball games in history,” the spokesperson wrote. “But go ahead, write a hit piece on Senator Cruz spending time with his young daughter cheering on their hometown heroes.”

Regardless, there are currently countless posts from Astros fans on X (formerly Twitter) who would prefer Cruz stay away from the ballpark.

“All I ask for is for Ted Cruz, the King of Jinxers, to not attend Game 7 of the #ALCS, so the Astros can have a good chance at victory,” wrote lawyer Mark Yzaguirre.

“I appreciate that Ted Cruz, as a dad, loves taking his kids to the @astros games,” added another fan. “But for the love of all things Houston, let Heidi take them! Send them with friends! It’s game 7 man. We can’t risk this. The whole city is asking you.”

“game 7 is not the game to go to Ted please i am BEGGING,” wrote @forevermyastros.

Meanwhile, Rangers fans are begging him to attend. “As an honest Astros fan I speak for when I say Ted Cruz is a great man and great senator and should attend our game tomorrow night, he’s our good luck charm,” wrote one user whose bio is filled with love for Dallas-area sports teams, including the Rangers.

“No matter which team you support in the all-Texas ALCS, you definitely don’t want @tedcruz near your team. But if you’re a #Rangers fan you might just want him to keep showing up to #Astros games,” Texas state Sen. Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat running to unseat Cruz in the U.S. Senate, wrote last week, days before the Astros lost Game 6 with Cruz in the stands.

The 2023 MLB postseason isn’t the first time Houston sports fans have been pissed at Cruz for rooting on their teams. The senator was also blamed for the Rockets’ Game 7 loss to the Golden State Warriors in 2018. Cruz was courtside for the contest, during which the Rockets missed a record 27 straight three-point attempts.

The Astros may not be doing well with Cruz in attendance this postseason, but he did watch them sweep the New York Yankees in New York last year. He was booed mercilessly by Yankees fans at the game. “You fucking loser!” one yelled. “You racist piece of shit!” another added.

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