Atesh guerillas infiltrate Rosgvardia in occupied Crimea, divulge critical intelligence

Part of the Russian Guard in Yevpatoria
Part of the Russian Guard in Yevpatoria

A member of the Atesh partisan movement successfully infiltrated a section of the Rosgvardia (Russian National Guard) in Yevpatoriya, the movement reported on Telegram on Nov. 18.

“We managed to gather intelligence on the quantity of equipment and personnel of the adversary. Additionally, we learned the location and time of the command meeting for the unit. The results are coming soon!” Atesh wrote.

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Accompanying their announcement, the partisans shared a photo of the Rosgvardia section, complete with precise coordinates.

This revelation follows their reported scouting of an occupiers’ base in Novooleksiivtsi near Kherson on Nov. 17 and their earlier disclosure about a missile plant in Moscow’s Nekrasovka residential district on Nov. 8.

The plant, situated in the Rudnevo industrial park, is allegedly already producing strike UAVs and components for missiles, challenging occupiers’ claims of launching missile production only by October 2024.

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