Avatar 2 'will be screened in glasses-free 3D'

Ben Arnold
No-glasses 3D… technology is ‘within reach’ claims a new report – Credit: Fox

James Cameron’s plans to make his ‘Avatar’ sequels in ‘glasses-free’ 3D appear to be coming to fruition.

According to reports, the new movies are ‘within reach’ of securing projection technology that will eliminate the need to wear 3D specs.

Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment is now working with Christie Digital, a high-tech visuals company which is pioneering the use of cutting edge ‘RGB laser projection systems’.

In tech speak, the images will be projected at 60,000 lumens, though what this would mean for cinemas currently without the necessary technology remains unclear.

The new tech means that pin-sharp images can also be projected at extremely high frame rates, and will ‘exclude the need for 3D glasses to watch a 3D film’, claims another report.

“In addition to the latest in projection technologies, Christie is fully committed to sharing our ongoing research and development efforts, including product roadmaps, with our co-visionary, Lightstorm, so that its productions will repeat the awe-inspiring success of ‘Avatar’ in the years to come,” said Jack Kline, president and CEO of Christie Digital.

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Cameron has long floated his intention to work towards such 3D advances, advances that might reinvigorate interest around his four sequels to his 2009 box office smashing movie.

The first ‘Avatar’ movie broke boundaries too, with its use of 3D, technology that is now used in hundreds of 3D movies.

However, with the sequels having been delayed for several years now, Cameron appears to be forging ahead.

It was announced earlier this month that cameras will finally start to roll on September 25.

Cameron’s partner in Lightstorm Jon Landau said that Cameron ‘has done a couple of sequels before in his career and I would argue that those sequels have lived up to, if not exceeded, the original movies’.

“Finally, we have the four scripts for the ‘Avatar’ films ready,” he added.

The films will reportedly find the humans and the Na’vi people locked in a bitter conflict, with Cameron working on all of the sequels simultaneously, with the first movie centring on the oceans of the Na’vi home planet of Pandora.

Returning will be Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang, with Oona Chaplin recently added to the cast.

The first movie lands on December 18, 2020.

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