Avatar: Could other directors make Avatar movies after James Cameron moves on?

Christopher Morris
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Avatar: Could other directors make Avatar movies after James Cameron moves on?
The world of Pandora in 'Avatar'

In a recent interview, when quizzed about the 'Avatar' movies, Stephen Lang, who of course played Colonel Quaritch in the original science-fiction epic, compared James Cameron's vision with regards to the 'Avatar' universe to that of J. R. R. Tolkien. Lang stated that after extensive conversations with Cameron on the 'Avatar' plotlines, and the universe of Pandora that is depicted in the movie, he was convinced that James Cameron's vision was so extensive that he had created a world that could easily play host to a multitude of movies that go beyond the four that Cameron has already announced.

Lang also stated that he considered the vision of the 'Avatar' director to be similar to that of Tolkien, whose fantasy world in which the 'Rings' epic trilogy of books is set was so rich that it produced some of the deepest, longest and most complex fantasy narratives in the history of English literature. Could it be that Pandora could live on well beyond the four movies that Cameron has already confirmed that he intends to make?

It is interesting that Lang mentioned Tolkien, as Cameron himself has cited the writer as an influence when talking about his plans for Pandora. Cameron explicitly stated some years ago that the two source materials that he wanted 'Avatar' to be compared to were the 'Lord of the Rings' movies and the 'Star Wars' series.

The latter of these two hugely successful film series in an interesting and apposite comparison because if Pandora is to live on for decades into the future then sooner or later other film-makers are going to have to work on 'Avatar' universe movies. This has, of course, already occurred with regard to 'Star Wars', with major 'Star Wars' movies having already been made that didn't involve Lucas' direction, and the upcoming 'Star Wars VII' being directed by the highly regarded J. J. Abrams.

If a seemingly relatively limited series such as 'James Bond', which ran out of source material some time ago, and has resorted to rebooting and remaking, can run for decades, then the seemingly infinite expanses of the 'Avatar' universe can surely support movies long after Cameron's directorial career is finished. James Cameron is currently laying the groundwork for this franchise to continue for many years into the future, and it seems based on the public statements of the movie's biggest players that this has been Cameron's grand vision all along.

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