Avatar: James Cameron to make decision over Avatar 2 filming location

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Avatar: James Cameron to make decision over Avatar 2 filming location
A scene from the original 'Avatar' movie

With the preparation for the filming of the next movie in the 'Avatar' series stepping up, in light of Sam Worthington's revelation that 'Avatar 2' will begin shooting during October of next year, James Cameron is evidently seeking out suitable locations for the sequel to the highest grossing movie at the box office of all-time.

Given the monumental success of the first 'Avatar' movie, which grossed well over $2.5 billion, Cameron is likely to be given a pretty free rein to realise his artistic vision for the remaining three movies in the 'Avatar' quadrilogy, with estimates regarding the budget for the 'Avatar' sequel putting it at around $200 million.

Thus, Cameron is currently working out every element of how filming will proceed for this potentially multi-billion dollar movie, and news has filtered through today which has indicated that Cameron may be ready to make a decision in the next few days regarding filming locations for the forthcoming 'Avatar 2'.

It had previously been reported that Cameron was considering ditching one of the primary locations for the filming of the original 'Avatar' movie, New Zealand, owing to its onerous tax conditions. It now appears that Cameron will make a decision on whether the Antipodean nation will play a key role in the making of the second 'Avatar' movie, as talks are apparently taking place as we speak regarding whether or not filming will go ahead in New Zealand.

Cameron and the producers behind the 'Avatar' series have evidently been locked in a series on confabs with the Film Commission and Film New Zealand about the forthcoming project, with the Economic Development Minister for New Zealand, Steven Joyce, stating publicly that he is being kept abreast of developments in the discussions.

Joyce has been reticent regarding the tax issue and whether the New Zealand government would be willing to increase its $411 million film-making budget in order to entice the 'Avatar' production to New Zealand. He did state, though, that the New Zealand authorities were increasingly confident that Cameron intended to defy media reports and stage at least a portion of the filming of 'Avatar 2' in New Zealand.

At present no decision has been made, but with Cameron beginning to finalise decisions regarding the much awaited second part of the 'Avatar' series, we can expect to find out in due course where he is planning to locate this shoot.

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