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Avatar: James Cameron may abandon New Zealand for Avatar 2 filming

Rumours that director will move production abroad due to tax regimen

With the director of 'Avatar', James Cameron, having taken up a residence in the nation of New Zealand, it was assumed that the sequel would be part filmed in the Antipodean nation. A great deal of the principle photography for the first, and vastly successful, 'Avatar' movie was shot in the nation; a process which was said to have contributed to Cameron's decision to buy a farm there.

However, it is being reported today that crippling losses within the New Zealand film industry could lead to Cameron ditching plans to base some of the filming process for the second 'Avatar' movie in New Zealand. This would be a crippling blow for the locality, with the three sequels, whose estimated cost are expected to run close to $1 billion, being expected to greatly contribute to both the New Zealand film industry, and the nation's economy.

Despite the success of the original 'Avatar', and other huge productions such as 'Lord of the Rings' having taken up residence in New Zealand, the movie industry in the country has recently suffered a massive downturn which has lead to thousands of job losses. It has been suggested by sources within New Zealand that one of the principle reasons for this is that the country's tax regimen is uncompetitive in comparison to other nation's set-ups.

The rumours that Cameron could be ready to ditch New Zealand for the second 'Avatar' movie has even lead a high-ranking politician in the nation to speak out on the matter. The Economic Development Minister for New Zealand, Steven Joyce, made it clear that the native government wants the filming of the sequel to the multi-billion dollar 'Avatar' to take place within New Zealand.

While the government hope that the obvious links between James Cameron and New Zealand will lead to the 'Avatar' director choosing to shoot in the nation, rumours abound regarding other possible locations for filming. Two of the principle candidates at this point in time seem to be Mexico and Australia, with the rebates offered to the film industry in those nations said to be an attractive proposition to the Weta Digital studio, who assist in the production of the 'Avatar' movies.

It was announced earlier this week that filming on the second 'Avatar' movie is due to begin in October, 2014.

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