Avatar: James Cameron's veganism could be reflected in Avatar sequel

Christopher Morris
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Avatar: James Cameron's veganism could be reflected in Avatar sequel
A hunting scene from 'Avatar'

The director of the 'Avatar' movies, James Cameron, has long since been known as a man who is, if not a plotter of lone furrows, an individual who is not scared of taking gambles and refusing to compromise regarding his own artistic visions. The 'Avatar' director has previously outlined the extent to which he had dictated terms over some of his biggest hits in the movie industry, with studios ready to hang him out to dry over demands he made related to the original 'Terminator' movie, and the later 'Titanic'. Needless to say, Cameron's artistic vision was rewarded by both films being both critical and financial successes.

Cameron is also known for allowing his own personal views, perspectives and interests to add flavour and colour to his movies. One obvious example with this is Cameron's passion for the sea and diving, which was instrumental in his 1989 movie 'The Abyss', and has already been confirmed to be a significant part of the 'Avatar' sequel.

Thus, the news that Cameron has recently converted to veganism, ceasing the use of animal products completely could have an effect on the 'Avatar' universe in future movies, particularly as production of the second movie in the series is still yet to begin, and won't be completed for several years. There is still plenty of time for Cameron to insert material in the second 'Avatar' movie driven by his newly found convictions, and it would certainly be consistent with some of the themes of the original 'Avatar' movie, with its obvious emphasis on sustainability and nurturing and caring for the natural world.

Cameron has spoken recently at a public engagement of his decision to switch to a plant-only diet, talking of the time when he walked into his kitchen and eradicated everything that wasn't plant-based, as he put it there have been "no meat, no dairy, no eggs, no fish" in his diet for five and a half months.

One possible problem with including some sort of vegan angle within the 'Avatar' universe, though, is that the Na'vi are resolute meat eaters. Though the Na'vi hunters show great respect to the creatures of Pandora that they kill for food, there is no much suggestion that they will stop eating meat any time soon! Thus, given Cameron's passion and evangelism for his newfound diet and lifestyle, it will be interesting to see how this most principled and iconoclastic of film-makers will reconcile his new beliefs with the 'Avatar' universe.

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