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COMMENT | As James Cameron continues to make preparations for the three 'Avatar' sequels, with the scripts for the movies contrary to what was assumed previously still being developed, attention has turned this week to another major facet of the 'Avatar empire'.

It has been two years since the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida first announced that they would be entering into a partnership with the highest grossing movie in all cinema history. The forthcoming 'Avatar Land' will be located within the 'Animal Kingdom' at Disney World, and is expected to open in early 2017, which will place it securely between the release dates of the second and third movies in the 'Avatar' quadrilogy.

Recently, the producer of the original 'Avatar' movie, Jon Landau, and one of Walt Disney's foremost executives, Joe Rohde, who has been tasked with overseeing the development of 'Avatar Land', have been talking about the forthcoming attraction and how they see it developing in the future.

Landau firstly stated that 'Avatar Land' was a development which both he and James Cameron considered to be in line with the ethos of the 'Avatar' movie. Just as 'Avatar' broke new ground in technological terms, so Landau anticipates that 'Avatar Land' will do the same with regard to amusement park attractions. Landau predicted that by the time 'Avatar Land' is constructed and opened that it will deliver an "unprecedented theme park experience".

Rohde meanwhile has expressed his enthusiasm for the 'Avatar' movie, considering the opportunity to work with the producers of 'Avatar' a "once in a lifetime opportunity". Rohde stated that he believed the values which already exist in the Animal Kingdom are closely matched to those behind 'Avatar', and that this made the movie and the theme park to be the ideal partnership.

Additionally, Rohde also outlined Disney's determination to produce an attraction which will be so "vivid" that it will bring added value to the entirety of not only the Animal Kingdom, but Disney World as a whole.

On an interesting note, Rohde also outlined the core values which he believed to be behind Disney World, and how 'Avatar' neatly fits into those values. The first of these is nature, something which is obviously redolent of the 'Avatar' universe. The second is adventure, which is also clearly intrinsic to the first 'Avatar' movie. And the third is a "personal call to action that regularly makes guests the center of attention". Rohde stated that this last value can really be embodied by 'Avatar Land' and that it will be a spectacular attraction when it is eventually completed and released.

No doubt more news about 'Avatar Land' will seep out in the coming weeks, months and years, but it certainly looks likely to be an unmissable experience for 'Avatar' fans.

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