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Avatar: Sam Worthington reveals filming date for Avatar 2

Star of sci-fi smash gives indication of filming schedule for entire Avatar series

In an interview with an Australian radio station, 'Avatar' star Sam Worthington has spilled the beans on the future direction and schedule of the science-fiction series, and revealed the gruelling filming schedule that may be ahead of the cast.

Worthington was speaking to Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald and Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli on their breakfast radio show on the Nova 96.9 radio station in Australia when the subject of the sequel to the James Cameron directed mega-hit came up. Considering so little is currently known about this much anticipated but somewhat secretive project, Worthington was fairly forthcoming with answers.

When asked about when 'Avatar 2' would go into production, Worthington stated that he expected the filming of the movie to commence in October, 2014. It would appear based on what was stated in the interview that a lot of the writing process for the second part of the 'Avatar' quadrilogy has already been completed by James Cameron.

Worthington, who plays the central character Jake Sully in the sci-fi series, also stated that Cameron is currently engaged in a great deal of pre-production preparation, with Worthington rather cryptically stating that Cameron was currently "building the ship to Pandora". This appeared to imply some sort of preparatory work on the film rather than a physical process, but it wasn't entirely clear what was meant by it either.

In addition, it is evident that the remaining three movies in the 'Avatar' series will be filmed one after the other, with all of the preparation being done for the remainder of the quadrilogy being done in the meantime.

Worthington also stated that once filming on the 'Avatar' sequel begins that the second, third and fourth films will be filmed in their entirety within a year of the beginning of the production. This would be consistent with the mooted release date of the 'Avatar' movies, with the second film scheduled for December, 2016, the third movie expected to be released one year later, and the third in December, 2018.

With only small morsels of information having seeped out regarding the sequel to the largest grossing movie of all-time there has been a great deal of speculation about 'Avatar 2' regarding everything from plot to casting. Wild rumours have emerged, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger supposedly being lined up for a part in the movie. While this particular rumour has already been dismissed, it also appears clear from the schedule which Worthington spoke of that James Cameron will already have a clear idea of what characters will appear in the second film, and which actors are likely to be cast in the parts.

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