Avatar: The Way of Water fans complain about ‘giant’ plot hole in James Cameron’s new sequel

Fans of Avatar: The Way of Water have complained about a “giant plot hole” in the film’s final act.

Released last week, The Way of Water is a sequel to James Cameron’s 2009 cinematic phenomenon Avatar.

In the days since the film’s release, it has proven a hit with audiences, taking in over £365m globally across its opening weekend.

According to review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, 93 per cent of cinema-goers have given the film a positive (or “fresh”) review.

However, on social media, some fans have been left scratching their heads over one of the plot points at the film’s climax.

Spoilers follow for Avatar: The Way of Water – you have been warned!

The “plot hole” in question concerns the battle near at the end of the film, when Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) are fighting on the sea dragon.

On Reddit, user u/TurboZangief wrote: “So at the very end of the battle, when Jake and Neytiri are fighting aboard the sea dragon alone, why the hell aren’t Tonowari and the rest helping???

“They just kind of vanished from the movie at that point, they didn’t even move to help when the ship is sinking and the Sully family is clearly trapped inside, they were not nearby to try and help Neteyam either, why they disappeared, did I miss something?”

“Haha. I noticed that too for sure,” one person responded. “I’m guessing they just went home after f***ing s*** up like ‘Our job here is done’.”

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is a follow-up to James Cameron’s 2009 smash hit (20th Century Studio)
‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is a follow-up to James Cameron’s 2009 smash hit (20th Century Studio)

“That felt like a giant plot hole to me as well,” wrote another. “Loved the movie but that’s a big oversight to not at least mention why they would leave.”

Others also responded in agreement, saying that they had noticed the same plot hole.

Some offered potential explanations for the incongruity, with one person suggesting: “I think once they realized Tsireya was safe and the big bad ship defeated they all collectively decided NMP (not my problem).”

Avatar: The Way of Water is out in cinemas now.

In an amusing development, Edie Falco, who appears in multiple scenes in the film, has claimed that she thought the film had already been released years ago.