Avengers 4: Two more characters confirmed as surviving Thanos’ Infinity War finger-snap

While the fate of several Marvel creations remains unknown following the shocking climax of Avengers: Infinity War, two characters have just had their living status confirmed.

A brand new tie-in book from Brandon T Snider, titled Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War: The Cosmic Quest, Volume 2: Aftermath (bit of a mouthful), has revealed that Thanos’ finger-snapping destruction may have wiped out half of the universe, but Dr Erik Selvig lives to fight another day.

Alongside Selvig stands his associate Darcy Lewis, played in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Kat Dennings.

It’s Stellan Skarsgård who plays Selvig in the films, and his appearance here is corroborating Marvel fans’ predictions that the scientist will play a huge role in the forthcoming Avengers film, the trailer of which many are predicting will be released sooner than expected.

The book’s synopsis confirms the duo’s importance. It reads as follows:

“A deadly threat emerged from the cosmos — and it was fulfilled. In the wake of Thanos’s horrifying success, the people of Earth are left reeling in despair and confusion. Without any logical explanation for the blip-out event, those remaining must pick up the pieces.

Doctor Erik Selvig and his associate Darcy Lewis are determined to find and understand the cause of the devastation. With a team of friends both old and new, they embark on a pursuit of knowledge, eager to discover the links between their own pasts and the stones that decimated half of humanity — the Infinity Stones. Little do they know that a new foe who threatens to destroy them all is looming....“

One Reddit theory posits that Selvig will be the key to defeating Thanos, arguing that he knew Thanos’s destructive snap was going to happen while hypnotised by the Mind Stone, and so created a fault which will see this universe crash in on itself.

Selvig and Darcy – first seen in 2011 film Thor – join those seen at the end of Infinity War (Captain America, Hulk and Black Widow to name just three), as well as Aunt May and Howard the Duck, as being the only characters we know to be alive going into the fourth and final Avengers film.

Following the release of Infinity War in April, a video resurfaced showing Hulk star Mark Ruffalo accidentally spoiling the twist ending which resulted in half of the film's ensemble turning to dust.

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