Avengers: Endgame fan spots touching detail about Tony Stark's final scene

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Photo credit: Marvel Studios
Photo credit: Marvel Studios

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As if Tony Stark's death in Avengers: Endgame wasn't heartbreaking enough, fans have noticed a new detail in his final scene that will hit your emotions even more.

In case you forgot, after Iron Man sacrificed himself towards the end of the movie, three of his closest friends say goodbye before he passes away.

However, one user on Reddit has noticed that the filmmakers added an extra detail in the costumes of James Rhodes, Peter Parker and Pepper Potts that make the scene that little bit more touching.

Photo credit: Marvel Studios
Photo credit: Marvel Studios

"The three people that say goodbye to Tony before he dies (Rhodey, Peter, and Pepper) are all wearing suits that Tony made for them," the user writes. "He wraps the people he loves the most in armour to protect and empower them.

"He may not have succeeded in creating a suit of armour around the world, but he certainly does for the people closest to him and I think that's a really lovely detail in that scene."

Excuse us, just going to grab some tissues.

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Meanwhile, Endgame's writers have revealed why they decided not to address Hulk and Black Widow's romance in the last two Avengers movies.

"We certainly tried to," Stephen McFeely said. "In Infinity War we have scenes... wrote 'em, shot 'em... of them sort of hashing that out. 'You've been gone, I've moved on' – that kind of stuff.

"It became very clear that if a scene was not on the 'A plot', it could not survive Infinity War. That thing has to be on rails just to get to the finish line. You couldn't wrap up loose threads just because you wanted to."

Avengers: Endgame is out now.

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